The Grad10 Project - #grad10

Summary: Rick Mahn described this project best: “Want to help some grads this year? Share some helpful thoughts, tips & tricks using #grad10”

How can you take an event that can be awesome and freaky (graduation in a down economy) and cushion the fear? In a few short weeks, graduates will be hearing speeches full of positive words and Seussisms. That might work for some, but deep down inside this is a time of chaos and uprooting.  Let’s make these kind words even more real. Let’s try and turn it into an event that has a lot of people showing support, care, and kind thoughts. This shouldn’t be the job of the speaker on the stage or a greeting card.

Let’s send the good vibes through the internets. Tag your tweets, pictures, blogs, and whatever as #grad10 and let’s get some positive thoughts to the future graduates.

I will be collecting some of this information and presenting them as part of the commencement address at Concordia University, St. Paul on Saturday, May 15 to illustrate the power of a collective group of people working towards good. I’d love it if you’d consider participating.  Help the class of 2010 see the light through the darkness of a bleak economy.