Integrating Podcasts and Video into your PR Campaigns

Albert Maruggi is presenting on Podcasting and Video for Public Relations. I’ve known Albert for two years now, thanks to Social Media Breakfast and a chance meeting at White Rock Coffee Roasters in Highland Park.

He begins by showing us the ancestors of social media: Mr. Rogers and Jon Adams one who taught us to share and that everyone was special and the other who with the help of Thomas Jefferson brought us free speech.

Albert played a clip of his Aunt talking about baseball.  There is intimacy that you just wouldn’t catch in text.  Video is mandatory: “If it is good enough to do once, it is good enough to record” Another point that Albert brings up is that “There is no more mass media, only mass community”  People want stuff you have, it is up to you to find those people or make it easier for them to find you..  The more I hear Albert talk the more I am reminded that social media and web 2.0 is nothing new. People in community has been forever, the means by which we live out that community has changed thanks to the internet. An additional point related to this is that I believe we have forgotten that mass media is really new. Originally, news travelled through the same methods that Twitter capitalizes on: friends communicating stories of importance to them. Television, newspapers, and radio hid the emphasis of the roots of human communication. Twitter/Facebook/Social Media simply shed light on the communication and make it public.

Albert continues by saying, tell your corporate story in the best means possible.  It is important to the best means for you, not the best for someone else or the method everyone else is using.  Albert is using Utterli to interview a member of the audience through his phone. What a great example of how you can quickly pull together audio content. Here is the interview he pulled together with Angela Babb.

A question about making the media take off was asked.  Albert says that makes him feel too mass media. The goal here as Albert stated earlier was to create content and make it available. The ratings are interesting, but not essential. Perhaps releasing it and generating a groundswell by speaking with key bloggers.  How do you get the grasstops to catch on instead of the grassroots?  You get there by being intelligent and already involved in the community. Just be a part of the community.  You have to be in the space and participating.  When you start saying smart things people will notice you. Albert again hits the nail on the head: Involvement and participation is what builds the community.