Let's "do" Social Media

"In contemplating social media, the first question to ask is whether yours is a brand worth sharing.  If yes, then social media tools can enable that sharing.  If not, it’s time to redirect your energy back to question number one." - by Tom Fishburne

I came across this great quote in the article Social Media Bandwagon, from The Management Cartoonist Blog.  Far too often it appears that traditional marketing mindsets are drawn to social media to “go viral” or “be cheap”. What Tom points out (by way of @KathySierra)  is that it is essential for companies to use social media to listen to their customers first.  Social media is not a tool to pummel potential customers with your corporate awesomeness. Instead sit back and listen to the conversations and interject if necessary.  Learn, help, and share with your customers in a real way.  When I am approached by individuals who are looking to “do” social media, I think the most powerful question is a simple, “Why?”  The goal of social media is humble participation, anything less will be challenged.