Mafia, Innovation, and Lists

I am flattered to have been included on a few lists that have been posted in the local Twin Cities community about Social Media and Innovation. Arik Hanson’s crowd sourced Top 20 Social Media Innovators, David Erickson’s Top 30 Minnesota Social Media Innovators, and then today on City Pages clever Social Media Mafia List

All of this conversation about innovation has got me thinking: How is my use of social media innovative?  My day job is at Concordia University, St. Paul (of course, the opinions in this blog are mine and not those of my employer)  -disclaimer accomplished-  My official job description has me managing our university help desk, laptop program, and our card access system.   I enjoy technology, but I love working directly with people.  If you eliminate the human interaction from technology, I lose interest really fast.  Social media has drawn me into it because of the heavy emphasis on the social connections between people.   My Help Desk experience and my experience in social media has taught me that the strongest and most successful organizations are constantly listening to their community.  Therefore I consider myself a community advocate.  I primarily act as the eyes and ears of the Information & Technology Department. My goal is to listen to the community and take these concerns to the Department.  After doing this we work to create solutions that have both interests in mind.

Involving the Concordia St. Paul community isn’t a task that I take on alone. I work with many wonderful people who put a great deal of effort into making Concordia University, St. Paul a better place.  I believe it is all of us working together that has helped the university gain attention as being a place that understands social media.  So in honor of all the listmaking that is going around, here is another list.

The following list is of folks who are or have been at Concordia St. Paul who spend a great deal of free time and teaching time working with faculty, staff, and students.  Together we use social technology to listen, share, and help model how these tools can help improve our service to our community. I could give you a description of each, but I believe their Twitter stream will help you understand them better than I could tell you. (of course the opinions in their Twitter stream represent them and not their employer) -two disclaimers in one post, how awesome is that? -

@billyspringer @bschultzy @CarolZRinkoff @C3POJones @heather_riddle @hgeorge @jonmierow @mjbruder @slolee @thomasknoll @tweetkunedo @WhoRUServing @winegarden
and of course: @concordiastpaul and @cugoldenbears

I am sure I forgot a ton of people. I know I did. There are a lot of us at Concordia St. Paul using all forms of social technology (Blogs, Facebook, etc.) Sorry if you were inadvertently left out.