Public Relations 2.0: The New Tools of the Trade

I am really excited to be working as a technical support guru for the Public Relations 2.0: The New Tools of the Trade conference hosted by Kane Consulting and Mashable . I am sacrificing a day of vacation in order to attend, but I know this is totally going to be worth it. Especially considering how great Kane Consulting’s Social Media Bootcamp series has been. I had a blast assisting on the Social Media SWAT team for that event. After this event, I know I will come back with a head full of ideas.

Here are just a few of the breakout sessions that I am hoping to spend some time at tomorrow:

  • "Using Social Media Behind the Firewall," with Gary Koelling, Senior manager of Social Technology for Best Buy and Co-founder of the company’s Blue Shirt Nation along with Cameron Gross, Owner of GreaterThan Media and social media consultant to Best Buy.
  • “Pitching Using New Media Tools,” with Eva Keiser, Senior Vice President of Risdell McKinney Public Relations.
  • "Online Reputation Management," with Greg Swan, Digital Strategy Manager, Weber Shandwick Digital Communications.
  • “Incorporating Podcasts and Video Into Your Marketing and PR Mix,” with Albert Maruggi, founder of Provident Partners and Producer of the Marketing Edge podcast.
  • “Small Brands. Big Results” with Blois Olson, Executive Vice President of Tunheim Partners.