Small Brands. Big Results.

This was a great presentation by Blois Olson.  Blois is from Tunheim Partners. They do PR for Punch Pizza. I have been a huge fan of Punch’s social media campaigns. They really get connectivity to the public. It was very intresting to hear from Blois on how they worked with Punch to reach such a peak of social media connectedness.  I loved hearing the background to the #snowmagedon09 Punch’s pizza event.  Punch made a twitter coupon free pizza on the night of the massive snow storm for one night only.  They gave away 500 pizzas, gained 100’s of new followers and became part of the conversation and had a profitable evening.  As I look back on that event, Punch’s participation in #snowmagedon09 made them part of the lore of a crazy snowstorm and gained them a connection with the local community in a real way.

Izzy’s Ice Cream (another of my favorite local shops in St. Paul) also works with Tunheim Partners.  If the owners understand the brand it is easy to use social media and technology to connect their brand with people.

Here is the key and I am so glad to hear this: Tunheim Partners does not tweet on behalf of any of its clients. They simply advise and suggest options.