Using Social Media Behind the Firewall

This was a great presentation by Gary Koelling and Cameron Gross

Much like the cake, the firewall is a lie. Internal is continuing to become a myth and the wall will break down even more as Generation Y/Millenials enter the workforce. Everyone has the capability to publish and they want to communicate with you and about your business.  What we really are doing with social media and the work place is entering the business of making friends. I hope that we never enter the point in time where we calculate ROI on friendships.  Start today, start small, start cheap and try stuff.  Trust is key as we enter the breakdown of the firewall. You should trust customers, trust employees, trust yourself that we can succeed and be human at the same time.

Awesome question. What do you do when you have employees who talk about their job on Facebook and also post their after-hours activities?  Answer: Did you know they were drinkers before you hired them? Does it affect their job? There isn’t anything you can do about this. This is the eternal problem that many companies will face.

A question was asked: How do you monitor all these conversations? Everyone should pay attention to the communicatins of the network of customers.